How Our Firm Can Help Your Company

Why retain a matrimonial and family law specialist?
Many lawyers profess to be capable of handling a divorce or a family court proceeding and even advertise their bargain basement fees in newspaper ads. Aside from getting what you pay for, a prospective client should also be aware that matrimonial and family law is not an area that an attorney can merely dabble in. Franklin, Gringer & Cohen, P.C. has an experienced matrimonial and family law practice with legal counsel that has appeared in all of the metropolitan area family, supreme and appellate courts. We keep abreast of all the changes in this ever-evolving area of law through state-of-the-art electronic research as well as traditional printed materials.
What other benefits can one expect from retaining our firm?
Aside from having a specialty in matrimonial and family law, we also specialize in other areas of law that have a direct impact upon your divorce or other matrimonial or family law matter. Typically, during a divorce case, for example, extensive evaluation of pensions or business interests will be required. In that instance our law firm would have an advantage over other law firms since our labor and employment practice and business law practice each have the requisite knowledge to evaluate these issues. Therefore, our clients retain not just one attorney but our entire multi-faceted law firm at the same time.
What are types of matters does our firm’s matrimonial and family law department handle?