The Collections Practice

How Our Firm Can Help You
Franklin, Gringer & Cohen, P.C. provides collection, litigation and judgment enforcement services throughout New York. We are very different than other collection law firms out there as we will not waste time making telephone calls or sending letter after letter to collect a debt. Our strategy is to typically send one demand letter and, if there is no response or payment, to immediately commence a lawsuit to seek repayment of the outstanding balances due our clients. Each case is different, and we will always have an open line of communications with our clients in regard to the best and most economical way to collect each debt. We handle all of our collection litigation internally, and you will never be passed off to another law firm or paralegal. One attorney will be assigned to your case from the beginning to the end, who will constantly keep you advised as to the status of your collection matter.
It is not enough to have an attorney just start a collection lawsuit. You need an attorney who is able to effectively communicate with the debtor and/or the debtor’s attorney throughout the course of the action, obtain a favorable settlement or judgment with respect to that debt, and then, most importantly, know how to enforce that settlement or judgment so that our clients actually get paid the money that they are owed. It is easy for an attorney to start a case and get a judgment, but it is not always so easy to actually be able turn that judgment into actual dollars. At Franklin, Gringer & Cohen, P.C. our attorneys have extensive experience in collection and judgment enforcement litigation, and have been able to collect millions of dollars for our clients over our many years of practice.
The fee arrangements for each collection case we handle is always determined on a case-by-case basis. We always make sure that each fee arrangement we enter into with our clients is fair and reasonable and is in direct accordance with the amount being sought and the likelihood of collection.
If you have any outstanding balances that you or your business is owed, we would love the opportunity to speak with you and advise you as to your best and most economical legal options and strategies.