Franklin, Gringer & Cohen, PC collects $38K+ on 8-year debt


Through aggressively pursuing litigation and judgment enforcement proceedings, we recently collected more than $38,000 for a business client of ours.

The defendant debtor failed to appear in the lawsuit we commenced, which then lead to a default judgment being entered.  Judgments are sometimes not worth the paper they are written on, unless you know how to properly file that judgment and use the numerous judgment enforcement proceedings New York law provides.

After filing the judgment in all counties in which the debtor owned property, the judgment then became a lien on those properties.  What this means is that if this debtor ever tried to sell any of his properties, he would not be able to unless the judgment, plus interest, is paid off at the time of closing.
Four years after obtaining and filing this judgment, the debtor’s real estate attorney called me and requested that we send to him a payoff amount for the judgment, since his client, the debtor, was trying to sell one of his properties and could not do so until our client’s judgment was satisfied in full.

The debt in 2007 when the client came to us was only $20,000.  With the interest that had accrued over time, we collected more than $38,000 once the debtor’s property sold.  Our client was more than pleased.

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“Franklin, Gringer & Cohen, PC collects $38K+ on 8-year debt” was written by Michael S. Mosscrop


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