False Claims of Negligent Transmission of Sexually Transmitted Disease Voluntarily Dismissed

A client was recently served with a lawsuit wherein his ex-wife accused him of transmitting a sexually transmitted disease to her during their marriage and was now seeking 30 million dollars in damages against him.  Despite the fact that our client advised us that these were false allegations, he was eager to settle the lawsuit instead of spending years in Court spending money in attorney’s fees and fighting these frivolous allegations.

Our firm has spent over 25 years litigating all types of civil matters and based upon our experience doing same, we know what it takes to investigate and defend lawsuits such as these.  As soon as we were retained in this matter, we were able to calm our client’s nerves and develop a strategy to deal with aggressively defending these claims.

We immediately answered the lawsuit and began the process of investigating these claims that were being made, which included requesting all of the accuser’s medical records during the course of her life.  Upon reviewing these medical records in great detail, it was discovered that all of the claims that were being made in the lawsuit against our client were absolutely false and frivolous.  Before making a motion to dismiss this case, we sent a very threatening warning letter to the accuser’s attorney’s office with excerpts of these medical records.  Ultimately, we successfully convinced the accuser and her attorney to voluntarily discontinue the case against our client with prejudice.  All of this was done without spending years and years in Court which would have been severely damaging economically to our client.

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